Saturday, December 17, 2011

OMG its been 2 weeks and so much has happened!  Finals went well...Respiratory - PASS  Cardiology - PASS  Paramedic Fundamentals - PASS Pharmacology - final on Monday :)
So even though I have had class, finals, clinicals, work, holiday shopping and all that jazz I decided to make all my fellow Paramedic students a little holiday gift...

I was able to find some inexpensive glass ornaments, I filled them with some buffalo snow.  It is shiny and fun.  I chose to go with blue wintry wonderland theme lol.  So I added Blue fine glitter, just poured in until i liked it.  I glued 2 black feathers, they have a little iridescent bluish green on the ends.  I found some silver snowflake garland for a mini tree...I cut that up and glued that to the top of the feathers...just enough so there is some movement,  I added a jingle bell by tying it around the neck of ornament.  I secured the top back on, after I tied on a ribbon.  I also added a black glittery letter to complete that custom "just for you" monogram gift :)
So after that I got to looking at them and decided to add another bow...I centered it over the letter, on top of the feathers.  This helped to hide the end of the feathers and gave it a more complete look.  Sorry I didn't take step by step photos...maybe I will have to make some more!

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