Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday a day for Football, Laundry, and Homework

Sunday...on the agenda today are take home tests for class.  I have to finish at least 1 and 1/2 of the other to feel some what ahead.  I would like to get all three done and have some time to research the questionable ones...but lets be realistic I have a ton of stuff to accomplish today besides just homework.
Sitting cozy at Stone Creek Coffee, Pharmacology take home test one and a Chai Tea

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Simple Appetizer

Ok, ok its a dip, but either way it's a little something to munch on before Thanksgiving dinner.
Mom stopped at the olive bar at the grocery store which makes this even more simple.  Get a healthy spoonful of spicy kalamata olives (about 12-15 whole olives).  Also from the olive bar they have sun-dried tomatoes in oil, again a healthy spoonful is all you need.  Chop-ity chop chop the olives and cut up tomatoes. Like so...
Bright and colorful :) I didn't do exact measurement because this is really to taste...I hope you get a general idea its about 4 tablespoons of yummcious...So what we do with this now is add it to one soft 8oz package of cream cheese, full fat, 1/3 less fat, no fat that's up to you.  I think 1/3 less fat cream cheese.  The oil from the tomatoes, and juice from the olives will thin the dip to perfection.  Serve with your favorite crackers pretzels.

Happy Thanksgiving! And yes this girl is cookin' the Turkey!

So I started with the star of the show of course...the Turkey (it has the longest time to cook so here we go!
I diced 1/2 a white onion and 2 stalks of celery and combined that into 1 pound ground turkey.  You can use ground pork too if you want.

Aromatics filling the room :) mmmm cook on medium heat to brown... mean while follow directions to your stuffing.  I use a bag brand, sage flavored (yum).  Which includes boiling 1 1/2 cups water with 1 stick of butter, take off heat add bread crumbs toss to coat.  Combine the browned ground turkey/onion/celery mixture and gently mix together.  Ta-da.
Clean out the Turkey...i.e. remove neck and organ pouch, drain, rinse.  Stuff both cavities with stuffing...I know it says to lightly stuff...just stuff it, you have cooked the ground turkey completely already so you don't have to worry about under cooked meat.  again....ta-da  ;)
Now for the spices, since we used a whole stick of butter in the stuffing, I used olive oil for the skin.  Drizzle olive oil over turkey and rub all over.  Next make or buy a rub...I used an everyday poultry blend that consists of: salt, black pepper, parsley, garlic, white onion, red pepper, sesame seed, dill seed, dill weed, lemon peel, green peppercorns, and green onion.  So take the seasoning of your choice and rub onto skin of turkey.  Don't neglect the thighs and wings!  and it will look a little like this...
Pop it in the oven following directions for your size turkey.  Basting is essential!  Set timer for 1 hour and see where your at...after 4 hours and recommended basting...presto!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Operating Room to Ruffled Infinity Scarf...

So I started my day in the Operating Room intubating patients at the beginning of their surgeries.  This was awesome by the way!  It was a great clinical experience.  When I finished my day I decided to stop at Joann Fabrics just to see what was on sale...come on I'm in college I bargain shop! Anyways, this is what I found...

A beautiful knit fabric, its heather gray with a black pattern.  Its not too large of a pattern and not to small...and with a 58" width I know just what to do with it...

I cut two 6" strips across the fabric...
I then ruffled the edges together...
and then join the ends and make a Ruffled Infinity Scarf!!!!!

And then of course wear it!

Props to for this brilliant idea.
Ruffled Infinity Scarf Tutorial  <~~~link to

Today marks the Day!

Today marks day one of this blog.  I don't know much about how to do this, but I want one so I'm making one.  I also think this will help as a sounding board of frustration for myself :) So lets get started!
This blog will take you through my kitchen cabinet, into the fridge (or icebox), across my knitting needle, and down my winding path of sewing...and I will do this while working full time, going to school to achieve my paramedic degree which is a whopping 18 credits a semester, and doing clinicals, and doing ride alongs.
I can hear it already, yes I still have time to craft, bake, knit and sew!  Its a stress reliever for me.  Hope you find some good tips, please leave feedback, I like tips as well!