Thursday, November 24, 2011

Simple Appetizer

Ok, ok its a dip, but either way it's a little something to munch on before Thanksgiving dinner.
Mom stopped at the olive bar at the grocery store which makes this even more simple.  Get a healthy spoonful of spicy kalamata olives (about 12-15 whole olives).  Also from the olive bar they have sun-dried tomatoes in oil, again a healthy spoonful is all you need.  Chop-ity chop chop the olives and cut up tomatoes. Like so...
Bright and colorful :) I didn't do exact measurement because this is really to taste...I hope you get a general idea its about 4 tablespoons of yummcious...So what we do with this now is add it to one soft 8oz package of cream cheese, full fat, 1/3 less fat, no fat that's up to you.  I think 1/3 less fat cream cheese.  The oil from the tomatoes, and juice from the olives will thin the dip to perfection.  Serve with your favorite crackers pretzels.

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